Novel Ventures

We help founders and business owners validate their ideas on the market, build an MVP, assemble a professional team, and orchestrate financial support

About Us

Novel Ventures is a pre-seed venture company backed by professionals with over 25 years of proven technological and investment expertise in international markets.

We provide financing, strategic advice and software development services to help entrepreneurs transform an innovative idea into a global product. Novel Ventures looks for startups focusing on deep tech, notably VR, AR, IoT and AI.

What we do

We seek out people with bold, new ideas for how to better engage with the world around them. To turn these ideas into successful products, we facilitate innovators’ efforts through financial investment, technical and operational support. With over 100 skilled in-house developers, we are ready to help turn your ideas into reality.
From Idea to Success
Have an idea? Our clear and proven product development strategy utilizes business development mapping to produce MVP.
Engineering and Operations
Unable to find the developers needed to properly develop and deploy a product? We identify the best talent and assemble them together into agile, cohesive teams.
In need of funding? We got you covered. Additionally, we help to structure your development plan and budget in order to guarantee a minimal burn rate.



Founder & Managing Partner

Featuring over 25 years of experience in IT, Oleg is passionate about helping emerging companies and established businesses to unlock new opportunities for the future growth. As a successful investor, he applies top-notch investment strategies to understand the organization and provide qualified guidance on how it can benefit from a long-term cooperation.


Managing Partner

Being known for his deep knowledge of the IT industry, Eugene has more than two decades of experience in technology management for startups and enterprizes. For the last few years, he has concentrated his efforts on managing investments across different areas to help companies find their sustainable competitive advantage.


One of our recent projects is CINE-BOOKS. It offers avid readers and whole families a completely new kind of storytelling entertainment by combining the advantages of both books and movies!

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